Global Business and Development Construction Limited installs and repairs street lights for utility companies and municipalities in new and existing residential and commercial areas.

We have the specialized equipment and experienced crews to meet your street lighting installation, repair and upgrade needs with safety and efficiency.


Roads are an integral part of the transport system. Road network constructions we have partaken in are efficient and have maximized economic and social benefits, thus playing a significant role in achieving national development and contributing to the overall performance and social functioning of the community.


We renew, by giving historic and listed buildings a new lease through the implementation of specialised skills.


We are available to answer all of your home lighting questions. We also will to help you figure out the best solutions for your lighting needs and work within your budget.


Our heritage in the residential building construction over years cannot be over emphasized, and over the decades we have been responsible for the construction of many landmark buildings across the nation.


Building is one of humankind’s most ancient pursuits and Global Business and Development Construction Limited Buildings boast a proud track record of major developments and projects across the full spectrum of the building industry, with focused, proactive and experienced teams geared up to exhibit their professional expertise in achieving your goodwill.


Our civil engineering offers diverse solutions across all civil engineering disciplines, based on years of hard-won expertise and experience. The company prides itself on its ability to deliver quality workmanship on projects of all sizes. This is enabled by the specialised civil engineering skills and multi-disciplinary teams of professionals.


Our expertise, high standards of engineering and commitment to providing power to Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa’s communities have resulted in our involvement in many high profile energy generation projects.

We work across the full spectrum of the electricity and power supply chain from the construction of power stations, cooling towers and chimneys, to coal handling and blending plants, ash disposal dams, infrastructure earthworks, road infrastructure construction, buildings construction all the way through to mechanical, electrical, instrumentation work for power stations


We have well-established and longstanding relationships with most of the major metal and mineral companies in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa and have undertaken a broad range of multidisciplinary projects for our clients within the mining sector.

Our mining infrastructure construction capabilities include earthworks, civils, buildings, water treatment plants, pipelines and SMEIP (structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and piping).